This applies to both Morgan + Brian's love for each other AND the fact that they found and hired me for their special day! I actually went to high school with Morgan, although somehow our paths never seemed to cross directly as we weren't in classes together and never spent time together (Morgan and I agreed during our session that we aren't sure why we weren't good friends in high school because we really clicked!). Fast forward to post graduation, Morgan got her CDL and started trucking around the Dickinson area, which is how she ended up meeting Brian in 2019! They've been together ever since, and even have the cutest little daughter together! I'm so so happy for them, and can't wait to capture their big day!


Morgan ended up finding my work on IG (thanks social media) and followed along for quite awhile. I must've impressed her, because she literally picked a wedding date based on MY availability! When I say that's a photographer's dream, I'm not kidding! To top it all off, she shared the mood board for her wedding (i.e. dark and romantic) and because of this, we were able to reference her wedding vibes in her engagement gallery as well! To give an idea, there was a lot of moody lighting/candles, dark greens, white and black...so we curated her wardrobe based on those colors and picked locations around town based on an artsy, romantic feel! Who would've thought there would be a "mini forest" in the center of a town in ND that gives off such adventurous, romantic vibes?? (above) Ladies and gents, if you have a specific mood in mind for your wedding and engagement photos, don't be afraid to share! It will help me know exactly what you're looking for and give you the galleries you want and deserve! I've said it before and I'll say it again...I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR WEDDING, SWEET SOULS!!