*a 50% non-refundable retainer is due at booking

**Clients who book senior sessions are responsible for choosing at least one outfit that follows their school wardrobe guidelines for yearbook photos, if specific guidelines are applicable


Do you charge mileage?

I charge mileage for over 30 miles needing to be traveled from my home (round trip) for memory packages.

For example, if your session is 75 miles away from me, I will charge current IRS suggested mileage rate (as of the session date) for 45 miles there, 45 miles back.

How many images will be in my gallery?

The number of images released can vary, but below are some averages:

Half hour will usually give you 30-50 images

One hour will usually give you around 90-120 images

Two-three hours will usually give you 120+ images

My turnaround time is generally two weeks and I attempt to spend a similar amount of time editing each gallery. If there are extra/special editing requests on any or all pictures, you may receive less images than stated above due to time spent and/or you may receive your images past two weeks.

Do I have to order prints through you?

Nope! Any pictures that are in your online gallery can be downloaded, which also means you can print them wherever you please. However, as with any photographer, I can't guarantee the quality of the picture will be the same on a third party site as it would be on my online store through your client gallery.

Do you have a professional studio?

Not at this time. If you prefer an indoor location, just let me know and we can figure something out! I might have a few tricks up my sleeve if a studio vibe is what you're going for. Depending on the exact venue, there may be a rental fee that would be added onto your session.

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